Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Easter! This sweet family brought in their very own bunnies to be photographed with them. I especially love the first image!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good Morning!

Today is going to be an awesome day!!! In Alabama, we get little glimpses of all seasons every couple of days.....right. Winter days are interspersed in there as well, but they become few and far between as the days get longer. By March, everyone is getting antsy for nice weather and when we have days like today that are beautifully sunny and warm, we all seem to have an extra bounce in our step. Spring also leaves us wanting to see color - - flowers, grass, birds, rosy cheeks...color cheers us up. I will forever love my black and white portraits, but sometimes you need a little surge of color, a little "SPRING IN YOUR STEP"... celebrate spring, I thought I'd share these thoughts. I hope I have inspired you to DELIGHT IN YOUR DAY TODAY!!!

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